Huge Savings

This could be the most efficient packaging of your bricks


Replace your traditional shrink wrapping machine with a Lachenmeier Stretch Hood solution and profit from the multiple advantages all leading to considerable cost savings

  • Reduce film size and thickness
  • Remove or reduce the number of straps  
  • Increase the holding force in the film
  • Reduce the percentage of damaged products 
  • Eliminate the use of gas
  • Increase line capacity and reliability
  • ...

The powerful wrapping solution

The Lachenmeier Power Flex TL stretch hooder is a robust, space-saving machine designed to wrap one or more pallet sizes with minor variations in size.

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Elpreco et al.

Lachenmeier took full responsibility and helped a customer to €100.000+ per year savings, better packaging and visually improved his packaging.


En savoir plus

Check out our stretch hood machines and learn how Lachenmeier can help your business to huge savings - guaranteed cost savings!